Dataset under embargo


Abundance of vascular plants measured using point intercept frequency.

The datasets contains point frequency data (which can be converted to biomass estimates) of the following functional groups and species:

Salix polaris
Bistorta vivipara
Dryas octopetala
Oxyria digyna
Sedges and rushes
Small forbs

The dataset includes three different types of files and all files (except the readme) are saved as ;-separated txt-files:

One data file per year (_YEAR.txt)
One coordinate file with coordinates of all sites included in the dataset (_coordinates.txt)
One auxiliary file with information about which sites are included in the dataset and when (_aux.txt)

The dataset has a two-year embargo, older versions of the dataset are publicly available for download.

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Additional Info

Field Value
DOI 10.48425/0083201
Version 1
Visibility Public
Topic Category Code Biota
Embargo end date 2023-10-15
Contact Person Virve Ravolainen
Email Address
Title of Position Researcher
Organization Name NPI - Norwegian Polar Institute
Associated Parties
    Persons Ingrid Marie Garfelt Paulsen, Isabell Eischeid, Eeva Soininen, Stein Tore Pedersen
    Temporal Extent - start date 2018-07-15
    Temporal Extent - end date 2020-08-15
    Geographic Location
    • Svalbard
    • Svalbard - Kongsfjorden
    • Svalbard - Kongsfjorden - Broggerhalvoya
    • Svalbard - Kongsfjorden - Broggerhalvoya - Leinstranda
    • Svalbard - Kongsfjorden - Broggerhalvoya - Simlestupet
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Adventdalen
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Adventdalen - Endalen
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Adventdalen - Hanaskogdalen
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Adventdalen - Janssonhaugen
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Adventdalen - Todalen
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Alkhornet
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Sassendalen
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Sassendalen - Gjelhallet
    Scientific Name
    • Polygonaceae - Bistorta vivipara (alpine bistort/harerug)
    • Polygonaceae - Oxyria digyna (mountain sorrel/fjellsyre)
    • Rosaceae - Dryas octopetala (mountain aven/reinrose)
    • Salicaceae - Salix (willow/vier)
    • Salicaceae - Salix polaris (polar willow/polarvier)
    Resource Citation et al., 2021, s_vegetation_vascular_plant_abundance_v1: COAT project data. Available online:
    Associated Scripts
    Associated study protocol s_vegetation_vascular_plant_abundance_observational_v1
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