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Plant species composition in herbivore exclosures and control plots in meadow sites.

The dataset includes three different types of files and all files (except the readme) are saved as ;-separated txt-files:

  • One data file per year (_YEAR.txt)

  • One coordinate file with coordinates of all sites included in the dataset (_coordinates.txt)

  • One auxiliary file with information about which sites are included in the dataset and when (_aux.txt)

  • One readme file with additional information about the variables included in the study design (_readme.pdf)

The data is not publicly available yet.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
DOI 10.48425/0025138
Version 1
Visibility Public
Topic Category Code Biota
Embargo end date
Contact Person Kari Anne Bråthen
Email Address
Title of Position Professor
Organization Name UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Associated Parties
    Persons Hanna Böhner, Eeva Soininen
    Temporal Extent - start date 2018-07-01
    Temporal Extent - end date
    Geographic Location
    • Varanger
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga - Vestre Jakobselv
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga - Vestre Jakobselv - Bearalveaijohka
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga - Vestre Jakobselv - Torvhaugdalen
    Scientific Name
    • Betulaceae - Betula nana (dwarf birch/dvergbjørk)
    • Equisetaceae - Equisetum (horsetail/sneller)
    • Ericaceae - Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry/blåbær)
    • Geraniaceae - Geranium sylvaticum (wood crane`s-bill/skogstorkenebb)
    • Myrsinaceae - Trientalis europaea (chickweed-wintergreen/skogstjerne)
    • Poaceae - Avenella flexuosa (wavy hair-grass/smyle)
    • Poaceae - Calamagrostis (small-reed/rørkvein)
    • Poaceae - Deschampsia cespitosa (tufted hair-grass/sølvbunke)
    • Poaceae - Nardus stricta (mat-grass/finnskjegg)
    • Polygonaceae - Rumex acetosa (common sorrel/engsyre)
    • Ranunculaceae - Ranunculus (buttercup/soleie)
    • Salicaceae - Salix (willow/vier)
    • Salicaceae - Salix herbacea (dwarf willow/musøre)
    • Violaceae - Viola (violet/fiol)
    Resource Citation et al., 2021, v_meadow_plant_species_composition_experimental_v1: COAT project data. Available online:
    Associated Scripts
    Associated study protocol protocol-plant-measurements-in-heath-and-meadow-sites_v1
    Bibliographic citation
    Funding Source Fram Centre, The Research Council of Norway, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway