Two datasets consisting of the annual census of the Svalbard reindeer population in Brøggerhalvøya, Sarsøyra and Kaffiøyra to estimate population abundance and demography. The fieldwork was conducted in July/August each year. The first dataset contains the years 2000-2011 and the other dataset contains the years 2012-2020 in separate files (annual census was not conducted in 2013 so this file is missing). .

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Field Value
DOI 10.48425/0008102
Version 1
Visibility Public
Topic Category Code Biota
Embargo end date 2023-12-15
Contact Person Åshild Ønvik Pedersen
Email Address
Title of Position Researcher
Organization Name NPI - Norwegian Polar Institute
Associated Parties
Persons Ronny Aanes, Nils Are Øritsland
Temporal Extent - start date 1978-06-01
Temporal Extent - end date 2020-06-01
Geographic Location
  • Svalbard
  • Kongsfjorden
  • Kaffioyra
  • Broggerhalvoya
  • Sarsoyra
Scientific Name
  • Rangifer tarandus
  • Rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus
Resource Citation et al., 2022, s_ungulates_abundance_kongsfjorden_summer_v1: COAT project data. Available online:
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  • s_reindeer_abundance_carcasses_coastal_study_areas_v1
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