Dataset under embargo


Reindeer carcasses observed during the annual census of the Svalbard reindeer population in Adventdalen with side valleys. Each line in the dataset represents one carcass.

The dataset includes two types of files:

  • One data file per year (_YEAR.txt)
  • One readme file with additional information (_readme.pdf)

The dataset has a two-year embargo, older versions of the dataset are publicly available for download.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
DOI 10.48425/0096967
Version 3
Visibility Public
Topic Category Code Biota
Embargo end date 2022-11-16
Contact Person
Email Address
Title of Position Researcher
Organization Name NPI - Norwegian Polar Institute
Associated Parties
    Temporal Extent - start date 2012-06-01
    Temporal Extent - end date 2020-07-31
    Geographic Location
    • Svalbard
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland
    • Svalbard - Nordenskioldland - Adventdalen
    Scientific Name Cervidae - Rangifer tarandus (reindeer/reinsdyr)
    Resource Citation et al., 2020, s_ungulates_carcasses_adventdalen_summer_v3: COAT project data. Available online:
    Associated Scripts
    Associated study protocol protocol-reindeer-abundance-demography-and-mortality-svalbard_v1
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