Dataset under embargo


Snap trapping data of rodents on the Varanger and Nordkynn peninsula. This dataset has data from the COAT regional study design. Each entry corresponds to a trapped individual. Two related datasets have information on i) site-based abundances and ii) trap status, i.e. missing and closed traps.

The dataset includes four different types of files and all files are saved as ;-separated txt-files:

  • One data file per year (_YEAR.txt)
  • One coordinate file with coordinates of all sites (_coordinates.txt)
  • One auxiliary file with information about which sites are included in the study design (_aux.txt)
  • One readme file with additional information (_readme.pdf)

The dataset has a two-year embargo, older versions of the dataset are publicly available for download.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
DOI 10.48425/0093548
Version 4
Visibility Public
Topic Category Code Biota
Embargo end date 2023-12-09
Contact Person Dorothee Ehrich
Email Address
Title of Position Researcher
Organization Name UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Associated Parties
    Persons Eeva Soininen, Rolf Ims, Siw Killengreen
    Temporal Extent - start date 2004-06-01
    Temporal Extent - end date 2021-09-30
    Geographic Location
    • Varanger
    • Varanger - Olggut Corgas Oarje Deatnu
    • Varanger - Olggut Corgas Oarje Deatnu - Nordkynn
    • Varanger - Rakkonjarga
    • Varanger - Rakkonjarga - Stjernevann
    • Varanger - Siskkit Corgas Ja Lagesduottar
    • Varanger - Siskkit Corgas Ja Lagesduottar - Bekkarfjord
    • Varanger - Siskkit Corgas Ja Lagesduottar - Ifjordfjellet
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga - Komagdalen
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga - Vestre Jakobselv
    • Varanger - Varjjatnjarga - Vestre Jakobselv - Jakobselv
    Scientific Name
    • Cricetidae - Lemmus lemmus (norwegian lemming/lemen)
    • Cricetidae - Microtus oeconomus (tundra vole/fjellmarkmus alt fjellrotte)
    • Cricetidae - Myodes rufocanus (grey-sided vole/grÃ¥sidemus)
    • Cricetidae - Myodes rutilus (northern red-backed vole/rødmus)
    Resource Citation et al., 2021, v_rodents_snaptrapping_individuals_regional_v4: COAT project data. Available online:
    Associated Scripts
    Associated study protocol protocol-snap-trapping-of-rodents_v1
    Bibliographic citation
    Funding Source Norwegian Environment Agency